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What does PTA mean by “building a community for our children?”

We mean that we’re getting to know other parents who live in our school community. We want to know them and we want our children to know them. We’ve acknowledged that these are the parents of our kids’ friends, and we feel we will do right by our children if we know who their friends are and who their friends’ parents are.

We believe it takes a community to raise a child. We, as parents, cannot do it alone … especially as our children grow older and are out in the world more without us. We need the help of friends and neighbors to be our eyes and ears as to what our children may be doing while we are not with them.

And we believe it starts here at the elementary school level. Some of our children will take these friends all through their school years, so it’s in OUR best interests to get to know one another. We encourage you to talk to and get to know other parents in our school community, and build a community for your children.